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● Iran Building Magazine
    ● SAMA-news and analytical web site of construction industry
    ● SMS and E-mail marketing
    ● Video channel web site of construction industry
    ● Iran Building Industry Directory
● Advertising Departments of SAMA
    ● Conferences center of SAMA
    ● Learning department of construction industry
    ● Central information of Iran’s mass-builders
    ● Business Services
We act as your single window solution for Starting your business in Iran, or Marketing your products and services in Iran’s fast growing business environment, With the best marketing solutions in any of the Construction and Building fields including Architecture, Mass-Building, Interior design and Decoration, Reconstruction, Selling your construction   Materials, Products and Services to Iran’s Markets.
Strong connection with Governmental and Private Sectors of Iran such as Urban Development, Building and Construction industrtries, Close working relation with the Iranian Engineering Council in all its 31 provinces and Professional collaboration with the Mass-builders Community with its over 6,000 mass-builders all over Iran, are some of our very valuable connections and collaborations that keeps us the One and Only reliable Holding in Iran’s Construction Industry, and makes us stand at the Top
Professional Management team and Highly skilled team of employees