Survey for choosing construction industry face of the year

Media complex of construction industry as professional media  chooses the face of industry construction every year .
It only chooses one person of members of construction industry by differences in first level 5 numbers of candidates are  selected from
1-      Ministry of urban
2-      Parliament
3-      Engineering  systems
4-      Municipalities
5-      Construction community
6-      Manufacturer of construction productions
Finally ,the person  will choose that has the most votes and  he or she is selected as face of construction industry in a year
Mr- Ali AKBAR AGHAYI  the head  of construction commission of parliament
Mr – JAMSHID  BARZEGAR the head  of Iran’s Commission of mass- builders
Mr- PIRUZ HANACHI the assistant of urban Minister and the head of council of urban
Mr-ALIREZA PAKFETRAT the mayor of Shiraz town

Engineering of professional behavior campaign

This campaign was built for developing professional behavior in engineer’s society in year of 1394 in first  national developing  of engineering services conference.
A lot of governmental officials ,Manager’s panel of engineering system of country participated in this commission for receiving different goals and  plans and they performed their roles in excellence of engineering and increase the place of construction engineers.