building products from Iran
IR.Holding has a wide and strong  collaboration and connection to the suppliers of building and construction products across Iran,
For example companies and manufacturers of  Cement, Tile, stone, steel, glass and many other products related to the industry are among the
products that IR.Holding collaborates with their producers, and is the executive partner covering their international markets.
IR.Holding has the ability to supply quality products with their best price to its International customers and is capable of covering all their construction project products to its valuable clients,
IR.Holding can be your trusted provider of all raw materials from Iran's local markets, and producers,
Raw material suppliers from all over Iran are connected to IR.Holding providing lowest prices of the best row materials in Iran’s markets,   
 Therefore providing raw materials from all industries of Iran without limitations on numbers and amounts to different destinations across Iran's borders and  international destinations is one of IR.Holding’s most welcomed services by its international customers all over the world
Introduction to the investment opportunities in urban construction, urban development and reconstruction of Iran by IR.Holding,
Due to the extensive communication and access to information collection of ongoing and under construction projects and upcoming and planned projects in Iran, IR.Holding can provide you the best opportunities to invest in the related projects to your business field and introduce you to the best offers in the related areas
Buying real estate, building buildings and managing construction projects in Iran?
IR.Holding can manage all steps of buying and building projects in Iran, from real estate search and
information about the most valuables in the construction market, to
providing all the requirerd process to covering the design and decoration for its clients for accomplishing their projects in Iran with the best outcome
Many contractors for construction projects work closely with us, and therefore we are able to introduce and connect the best related contractors to your ongoing and planned projects across Iran