Iran Building magazine (Shakhteman Magazine) is the most well-known magazine in Iran's building and construction industries and is the most influential of its kind in the media.
Over 74 thousand monthly released magazines including 44 thousand e-magazines and over 30 thousand magazines being sent to its subscribers in Iran and other countries since 2003.
  • Distribution centers
  • Mass- builders ,Personal construction ,City builders ,Tower builders
  • Distribution in all construction bourses of Tehran ,Isfahan ,Shiraz
  • Distribution in construction project of Tehran and city's representation
  • Housing cooperative of governmental and personal
  • Banks and financial Institutions of bourses Banks ,financial institution ,bourses , insurance
  • Hotels, Cultural places ,Sporting places,…
  • Consultation of estate agency
  • Architects and designers and society of engineering consultant
  • Municipality of the country more than 1100 areas
  • The members of construction union and Installation and contractor and technical and engineering services
  • Advantages
  • Highest construction industry magazine circulation in Iran
  • Producing updating news subject for audience
  • Over 30000 magazine circulation and countrywide distribution per month
  • digital magazine publishing to more than 44 thousand Email members
  • digital magazine publishing on magazine website for free
  • Attending in exhibitions and conferences of construction industry
  • High quality magazine cover and printing papers
  • Highest selling construction industry magazine in Iran
  • recording the advertiser products price list for free
  • digital magazine publishing for android
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version publishing in each number
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