With more than 13 years of experience in this field,  IR.Holding has gathered professional and classified information expertised in the building  and construction industries of Iran, With more than 440000 registered members to its SMS marketing network and with over 70000 registered memebrs to its E-mail marketing lists,  It can make annoncements of new and existing products and services, and connect the produsers, consumers and customers of the related fields to eachother.

The groups of Email marketing :

  • The groups of producers of construction-  productions -representations  -28000
  • Construction companies , mass-builders, and builders  of MEHR housing  ,Personal builder -30120
  • The group of engineering system

The groups of SMS marketing

  • All mass – builders of  the country- 6000
  • Construction companies of the country -38000
  • Members of  organizations system of engineering _200000
  • Producers of construction productions -22000
  • Personal  active builders -13000
  • State agences-14000
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Contact SMS
Year effort to collect and update information.